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August 06, 2020, 04:39:48 pm


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Last post by Jonnyh - Today at 02:38:43 pm
Is this still available and will it fit 2 ball lock cornys without modifications?
Equipment & Chemicals / Re: What sort of gas line do y...
Last post by Emot - Today at 02:32:42 pm
I use this stuff off ikegger.eu, and it's very flexible, I'd highly recommend.


I use the 6mm ID x 10mm OD PVC for gas, and the 5mm ID x 8mm OD Eva Barrier for beer line. With the gas line, I've put through 70 Psi with no issues on strength.

You can get all yout Duotight pushfit fittings off them too so it's a very handy site.
Introductions / Re: New menber
Last post by hankjb - August 05, 2020, 11:06:53 pm
Hello all,

Thank you for the wonderful responses. Just to be specific, what I have tasted in the US are canned Genuine Draft, canned Extra Stout and whatever was on tap at the various "Irish" (almost) Pubs around the country.  I am not sure if Guinness is brewed in the US. The can I have in front of me says it was brewed in Dublin and imported by Diageo Beer Company.

I will now rally the brewers and see what we can come up with.  We will be trying some varieties too, I am sure.

Thank you again,

Happy brewing.

Introductions / Re: New menber
Last post by mr hoppy - August 05, 2020, 07:45:37 pm
I thought it tasted more or less like what we have here in Toronto and SF. TBH much preferred McAuslan Oatmeal Stout in T.

What Hank describes sounds like Guinness IPA (or whatever it was called) which was a brownish, ok beer where the hops and nitro fought each other to a sort of English cask without the nuance stand still

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Equipment & Chemicals / What sort of gas line do you u...
Last post by pob - August 05, 2020, 06:37:42 pm
Can't really use silicone tubing (for gas) under pressure; it can balloon out.
That why you need the stiffer tubing for it.

If you went for 3/16", it would be more flexible. The 3/8" I use is definitely springy.
Copper Coast Brewers / August Socially Distant Brewda...
Last post by ac13 - August 05, 2020, 05:36:43 pm
Brewday Hosted @ Adam's.

We will be brewing a Patersbier.

If you would like to attend all or part of the brewday please get in touch as we will be restricting numbers attending.

Following Govt. recommendations we will need to wear facemasks in the brewshed due to space restrictions.

We will conduct as much of the brewday as possible outside to try minimise this.

Please bring facemask if you can, disposable masks will be provided if required.
Equipment & Chemicals / Re: What sort of gas line do y...
Last post by phildo79 - August 05, 2020, 04:22:50 pm
Quote from: eoghanr on August 05, 2020, 12:01:39 pmhttps://www.amazon.com/Homebrewing-Kit-CO2-Gas-Line/dp/B07KF9CNSM?pd_rd_w=FmPVD&pf_rd_p=b1335604-246e-4b5e-8fbd-a1c826ead4a3&pf_rd_r=0W33XFWBTMD24JCDY75C&pd_rd_r=963f3470-e1cf-4684-bc98-bb7e798befaf&pd_rd_wg=N5P40&pd_rd_i=B07KF9CNSM&ref_=pd_bap_m_rp_1_1_dc

This is the type I use, reasonably soft and flexible even when kept in the fridge. Ordered it from the US.
Yeah, this is what I had in mind. The red tubing they use in the States. But is it, essentially, syphon tubing painted red? I ordered this the other day, from China. Will probably be rigid as fook!

Equipment & Chemicals / Re: What sort of gas line do y...
Last post by DEMPSEY - August 05, 2020, 10:13:51 am
Not sure myself but I would imagine this type of gas line has to have some sort of strength inits wall to prevent it bursting. If you put the pipe in hot water first it might softening it to allow you to shape it to the direction you want.
Equipment & Chemicals / What sort of gas line do you u...
Last post by phildo79 - August 05, 2020, 12:05:43 am
Hi folks

This will be more of a question for those that keg. When I bought my first keg, I bought a complete beginners set (minus the gas) from The Malt Miller. No complaints with any of the stuff but I found the gas line to be far too rigid. It was about 2 meters long and would wrap around the gas tank or keg but if you were fiddling around with it and dropped it, you'd think the thing was on springs. It would go haywire.

I ended up buying coiled tubing, which works a treat as it's flexible and stretchy, but the diameter of the coil is on the large side. I could see there being some issues if I wanted to attach a second coiled line (which I have) to have two kegs hooked up at the same time (I keep my kegs and gas inside the fridge). So far it hasn't been an issue but I would love a short piece of gas line that is really soft, thin and flexible. Does such a thing exist? I had to get my gas topped up yesterday and spotted all the different types of tubing the guy was selling. I asked him if he had anything that would suit my needs but he was as confused as I am as to whether such a thing exists. I have seen YouTube videos from homebrewers in the States and a lot of them seem to have this soft, flexible gas line. Any ideas?
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