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May 27, 2020, 04:19:20 pm


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Sligo Homebrew Club now open

Started by Lough Gill Brewery, January 31, 2017, 09:09:08 am

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Lough Gill Brewery

Hello All

My name is James Ward from Lough Gill Brewery in Sligo. We operate a new Homebrew Club based out of the new Lough Gill Brewery in Sligo town. My aim is to have monthly meet ups at the brewery. We would love to build a community of craft beer fans here in Sligo. People will be able to lean on the brewey for any ingredients they may need and we would be glad to assist with developing your brewing skills. Tony Wickham heads our brewing team here and with over 20 years commercial brewing behind him he is happy to help and pass on information.
Please contact james@loughgillbrewery.com with any questions

Leann ull

Nice one James, saw you sign up the other day and was wondering.
Great idea for promotion of craft beer in general.


An amazing resource for all homebrewers in the area. Good luck with the club James
NHC Secretary



Welcome aboard James. Looking forward to trying a few cans of Lough Gill too.



Great news James,

Been hoping that a club would open up in Sligo. Just bottled my 1st all grain batch last night.
I'll definitely be trying to get along to a few meet ups.


Is the club still going?
If so, when do you meet?



Hey Darragh,
I haven't been to one of these meets yet as things keep getting in my way but there is some info at this link.
http://loughgillbrewery.com/sligo-homebrew-club/  maybe try dropping them an email.



Was in talking to the Lough Gill lads a few weeks ago and they said they were interested in getting this running again, they are hoping to start it up again in the summer.
I'd be interested in meeting with others to learn more about brewing.