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Wood blocks for smoking.

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I'll hopefully be getting a proper smoker/barbecue soon, can't wait.

Now I know I can get wood chips in B&Q and the like, but does anyone know where to get some larger wood pieces that are suitable for barbecue?

What native woods are good also and where would you source them?

Lordstilton, I'd be looking at you for a few tips in particular, because you do the type of stuff I'll be heading for.

Any help would be much appreciated.

You can pick up wood chunks from alot of good garden centers, the Orchard in Celbridge for one..i got a tip off for a cash n carry in tullamore with a good selection .. I'll be dropping out next week.. I'll let you know how I got on... I'm still going through the stock I brought back with me from the states... Three years ago!!

The Hire Shop in Dunboyne.
10-12kg bag 5e.
Got some oak, beech and alder.

Nice one lads.

I'm getting excited about brisket....

Brisket is a hard mistress.. Make sure you get your butcher to leave a 1/2 inch fat cap.. If you crutch it wrap it in greaseproof before you foil it.


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