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Ingredients 2l full fat pasteurized milk
125ml Natural Yogurt with live cultures.
(Health food store may have cultures)

Heat milk gently to 95C stirring constantly.
Cool to 45C in ice bath, stirring to prevent skin forming.
Thin 125ml yogurt with some of the cooled milk (same as volume of yogurt)
Whisk yogurt into milk.
Keep at 44C. (I did 36 with cultures, worked ok)
Leave 4 hours or overnight to set - Longer means thicker, more souring.
Chill to 6C.

Found this too, no boil yogurt.
As above, just use freshly opened pasteurized milk, skip the 95C step, just heat to 44C

How you holding it at 44c?

Sounds like a job for grainfather


--- Quote from: irish_goat on October 13, 2017, 10:44:53 AM ---How you holding it at 44c?

--- End quote ---
I do as above and place container on top of sky box in the cabinet under the tv. Works fine


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