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August 09, 2020, 12:28:26 am


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a brett question

Started by shanek, July 22, 2015, 12:31:50 am

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Folks a quick question, I brewed recently and decided to pitch Brett in the secondary to add a bit of depth / to dry out the beer and add some fruit ester. 2 days ago it was right where I wanted it after an additional 7 days fermenting. Today the Brett has killed the balance. It's dry but way too much warmth, and has lost some of the subtle fruit esters that were they 2 days ago.
The question: is there a way to kill off / stop the Brett once a taste treshold is hit without affect the other subtle notes? I thought about crash cooling & decanting. Any other suggestions?


Brett is a slow worker. It'll be chomping away for months and months. 5 days is a very short time in its lifecycle.
I know wine kits come with something that stops the yeast, and we throw campden into cider to stunt the yeast...

If you're wanting a dryer beer, next time just add some simple sugars to the recipe. The yeast will chew through that and beersmith will give you a good idea how much of an impact it will have.
Gordon strong likes to use honey for this in a few of his recipes as it also gives some fruity/interesting flavours.
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Just chill it and keep it chilled until you're drinking it.


Cheers folks it has definitely added an extra dimension, I'l lleave it play out for a wee bit longer. There has been such a drastic develop in a short space in time.