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Adding yeast at bottling

Started by winstonia, December 13, 2014, 12:49:42 pm

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Got a 8% stout, in primary for a month and in secondary for 2 months.

I'll be transferring again when batch priming, would you add yeast  for carbonation?


I bottled a 3 month old saison a while back and added 1/2 a pack of nottingham to the bottling bucket. I didn't rehydrate it, I just sprinkled it in and allowed to to rehydrate in the bucket as per what I'd read online.
I've no idea whether the saison yeast or the nottingham carbonated the bottles but they carbed up within a week.

Alternatively, you could take a small sample, add a little sugar/dextrose to it and see if you get any activity out of it.