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Brett blend trade

Started by simglynn, April 05, 2018, 09:18:57 pm

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Hey folks, pretty new to posting to the boards here.

Big fan of fruity Brett blends, sours, saisons and such. My best experience was pitching The Yeast Bay's Amalgamation blend into a saison in secondary. But alas, I foolishly drank the last bottle without culturing the dregs.
What I do have is some B. Claussenii (from White Labs) with some Crooked Stave dregs in one beer, and a blend of some strange intense funky but not fruity stuff that is a blend of White Labs Brett B, Orval dregs, White Labs Farmhouse Brett blend, and the Yeast Bay Beersel dregs all in one bottle.

I also have cooking up in a demijohn a mix of all the available active geueze I could get my hands on, but that remains to be seen whether it turns out nice or not.

Looking to trade in Dublin to get my hands on some delicious Brett blends.


I have some All The Bretts vials I could spare and at the minute sitting on the yeast I have an all Beersel beer and all Amalgamation beer so when they're finished I can pop you a vial of each of those two. Also have WLP670 under a saison at the minute so when that's bottled can keep some of that for you too.
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That sounds amazing! I skipped that probiotic thing and just pitched some straight Crooked Stave dregs into a 1.060 wort along with some WY3726 so I can give you some of that. Would be cool to get some sort of Brett/bacteria co-op going now that a lot of the more hard to get stuff is absent from Irish stores