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August 14, 2020, 09:56:12 am


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crossmyloof ipa overpitch

Started by Andy Q, August 13, 2018, 09:36:19 pm

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Andy Q

Hi all,

just brewed an apa on Saturday, of 1.047, pitched two packets of Crossmyloof as I was expecting higher og, and usually have to pitch two packets when using 10g mj packs, fermenter was bubbling fairly fast early next morning, now hitting 1.008 within two days, threw in Dry hops today, and will crash cool Friday, probably kegging then on Monday, am I going to be due off flavours due to fast ferment? will be drank anyways, but wondering what I should be looking out for, sample tasted fine
Stout/Apa fiend from Lucan


With an overpitch you can sometimes end up with a lower FG than expected, which can result in a thinner tasting beer and less fruity, ale like esters produced. I think at homebrew levels it's hard to cause much damage pitching too much yeast so it should be fine. Better too much than too little anyway.


I always pitch 2 packs of dried yeast for my APAs and they ferment out nice and quick, never drop too low and usually come out nice and clean. If it was a beer where you wanted more yeast character it might be an issue but not with an APA where you want a pretty clean ferment.