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Final gravity

Started by LASERBOY147, March 17, 2016, 08:46:35 pm

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Hi .  Fermenting an apa where I've bent the rules. No crystal or  anything . I used biscuit and toasted sone of it for tge colour. Anyhow I also didn't mash at a usual 66oc for a fuller body ,  Instead I mashed at 64 and I'm sure that lost a degree during mashie which was 75 mins before batch sparge.

It's been bubbling away for 11 days now and the bubbling has slowed to every 30 seconds and it's beginning to drop so I'm happy enough but I took a reading on day 8 and it was already 1010 and it continues to bubble so my question is : is it possible that it will continue to lose gravity in the region of 1004/6? I think it'll be too thin then & I've never had a beer continue past 1010 so it's new territory for me. I'm totally fine if that's what happens as I can explain to myself why but there's still a decent kreusen on it and we're heading for 2 weeks . Og was 1062. Thoughts please & ty


it depends on the yeast you used, but it'll probably bottom out at 1.008 or so.
Just let it do its thing and it'll be fine :)


Safale 05 . Will it be a stringently dry ???? (Probably) I'm guessing


Nothing too unusual with the grist or mash temp. I doubt you'll experience astringency. Unless you burnt the malt and sparge too hard.
Why not take a sample, measure gravity and taste it.


Bending the rules,that's allowed around here :D. Your  mashing at 64 C is what is lowering your finishing gravity as you have encouraged more fermentable sugars in you wort. Taste it and see how it is on the tongue :)
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Tried just a minute ago . Still has kreusen and not infected and start day for ferment was 7th so it's a long ferment for sure. No off flavours but there's still plenty of yeast in suspension which I van taste . The gravity is precisely at 1008 and I really think it's going to continue to about 07/06. It's all new territory for me and I've just calculated the current abv at 7%+ so I'm on the verge of creating an imperial apa if such a thing is possible. Style wise I'm sure the reason is low mash temp (possibly63oc for some of mash) and also the lack of caramel malts has enabled the lower fg. I just have my fingers crossed now that the beer will clear up. It's already dropping now . I'll post a pic shortly.