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May 27, 2020, 04:12:12 pm


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English ale yeast.

Started by Blueshed, January 01, 2017, 12:16:10 pm

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 I have brewed a few beers with dried yeast and one beer with WLP002 . Plan on a few more Bitters, Milds, Brown ales and thinking of trying another liquid yeast.

WLP - 005 - 007 - 013 - 023.

Any information and advice on the above would be appreciated.


I like WLP007, have an IPA finishing up now with it. If you ferment at 16-18 its clean, very fast and flocculant and works well for American styles. If you bring up the temp its more english in character. 


Not a fan of 007, as it can really dry out a beer. Watch your grain bill and mash temperature if using. It has a much less estery profile than 002, so I'm not keen on it for bitters. I like it for bigger stouts and porters though.

Leann ull

On a blind taste test in porters for a Fuller Clone 10 GCB Brewers chose 002, 013 and 005 in that order.


Ahh.. what do them fellas know..? They'd drink beer out of a sweaty sock..

Leann ull

We might drink out of them but unlike SCD we don't brew with them 🤺


Mmm sweaty sock aromas and buteric acid.

Must get some more gcd beers to the bjcp classes for "sensory training"
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