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February 24, 2020, 06:40:54 pm


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Lag time S-05

Started by Cambrinus, May 23, 2016, 02:40:08 pm

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I brewed a light ale over the weekend and thought to use S-05.
OG on target at 1.054
Rehydrated according to instructions on their website and pitched at 19C
Now 24 hours later and no activity; No krausen, clean wort.
Yeast well within expire date. Batch no. 91395_309

Anybody experience with this? or am I just inpatient?


Is it temp controlled? If its a plastic Fv the lid might not be on tight. I wouldn't panic until tomorrow morning
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Cheers Pheeel.

I normally use liquid yeast which sets off within 6 hours or so. I wait a bit longer.


Nothing to worry. Love s-05 but they can be lazy sometimes :)


Wait for it!! There's movement! Airlock has shifted. Only took 30 hours....

Leann ull

Mine normally goes in 8 hours, dried I find slower that liquid, what was your volume?
You sure lid was on tight?
US05 is normally pretty solid plenty of aeration?


23 liter in the fermenter. Lid securely tight. Not sure why or what caused this delay.
Anyway there's activity in the airlock now.


Did you aerate the wort?

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Over oxygenation of wort can cause a longer lag time as the yeast will not start to produce co2 and grow in a high oxygen environment.
Did you use pure oxygen by any chance?


I did oxygenate the wort but not with pure oxygen.  I just let it run/ pour from the boiler to the fermenter. Nothing special really.
I never experienced such a long  lag time before.
Given that the setup is the same and didn't brew in a different manner on the day.
There are a couple of reports (and also mentioned above) that S05 -can- be a slow starter. I just put it down as such.
It's fermenting happily away now at 19C.


Yeah it can take 24 hours with us-05. I ferment it at 20 and it gets going I'm about 20 hours usually.

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