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Favorite Weiss Yeast

Started by Partridge9, September 16, 2018, 10:15:42 am

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I never realised there were so many Wheat yeasts. Curious to hear what people have tried and whats your favorite.


I have to say - I havent tried the WYEAST yet... might be worth a go. I know some of their other yeasts are excellent


I Find WLP300 the go to yeast.


I have tried most of the others but this one is an animal to go. Ferments like a volcano so you need head space. 18C gives lots banana that i cannot find with other yeasts.
You can treat it badly and it still does great job. One vile can go a long way and you can get many brews from it.

One downside is that it doesn't maintain its banana in a weissbock after 9 months.. For some reason the best yeast for that style i found is
Which does not make a good weiss i found. It must be the alcohol content that effects them in this way as weiss is usually 5%abv and weissbock 9%  abv

My two cents worth.
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Danstar Munich Classic is my go to dried yeast


There's an Imperial Yeast offering too now available in Ireland.
Imperial Stefon Liquid Yeast G01
This is the traditional German strain used to produce world class weizen beers where big banana aroma is required. Balanced with mild clove, depending on your wort profile, this strain will produce amazing beers. Stefon will create a slightly higher level of acidity to give your beer a very crisp finish. Slightly underpitching will help increase the banana character.

Temp: 63-73F, 17-23C // Flocculation: Low // Attenuation: 73-77%


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I like a lot of banana aroma and flavor in weizens, will put that imperial yeast on the list.


I really don't like banana. I like to ferment low to make sure
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Each to their own, some strive for banana bombs and others don't like it at all, some like more clove . It's a hard style to nail