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February 24, 2020, 05:38:24 pm


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Mangrove Jack's rebrand

Started by Parky, June 07, 2016, 10:56:16 am

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Haven't been able to find some of the Mangrove Jack's dried strains that I'd used in the past, they seem to have disappeared from the MJ's website too. I also noticed that the packaging has changed to a uniform maroon colour. Turns out that they rebranded, and added some new strains to their range (for a launch in the US this summer it seems - no surprise looking at the new names!).

Here's a list of the rebrands for anyone looking for comparable strains -

M27 Belgian Ale- M29 French Saison
M07 British Ale- M42 New World Strong Ale
M79 Burton Union- M36 Liberty Bell Ale
M03 UK Dark Ale (formally Newcastle Dark Ale) - M15 Empire Ale

I don't see the 'Workhorse M10' yeast in the new range, was a great one for fermenting clean at higher temps (i.e.: during summer), so I'll be grabbing a few packs of that before stocks run out.


M10 is still available. See here for the current strains and their uses (beer styles):

and here for the actual yeast characteristics:

These charts should be up to date.
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