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Mangrove Jack Bavarian Lager M76

Started by TheSumOfAllBeers, July 28, 2017, 01:36:27 pm

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Any experience with this here?

I have had issues with MJ yeast stalling before and this fella is taking its sweet time to get down to terminal.

Pitched 5x sachets,hydrated,  into 48L of 1.046 wort.
Expect actual FG to be ~ 1.011/2 but it's hovering around 1.015.

Temp held at 12c until then rose 2c at 50%, 75% and 90%.

Samples are very heavy in sediment ATM, could be affecting measurements. BLow off activity is not detectable any more.

Been in about 8 days now.

Is this slow attenuation to FG normal for lagers? Or just M76?

Any good writeups of m76 out there? Google only returns product info.


Brewed a Munich Helles with M76 last month. Due to finish 1.009, finished at 1.008. Took nearly 10 days to get to FG, had to rise the fermentation temp from 9c to 12c. Yeast wasn't underpitched either. The beer is still conditioning but tasted good at bottling. A lot of the MJ yeasts have been slow fermenters for me.


I will keep an eye on this over the weekend then, and see if it is still dropping.

Is it worth rousing? Could blast some CO2 up the dump valve to agitate the yeast cone.


If you had to recommend a dried lager strain that's a timely finisher, I am all ears.

I see good reports about MJ flavours, but my experience with them is they are stallers, and little community advice on best ways to micromanage them


I used M76 in a doppelbock a few weeks ago. It was my first time doing a lager. The F.G. according to Brew Target should have been 1.016 but it finished at 1.024. I had intentionally mashed a bit higher to get more unfermentable sugars so that may account for at least some of the higher F.G.

My fermentation temperature was 8-9 degrees which I was worried was a bit low but the fermentation started up quickly and appeared to be finished after two weeks. I left it for another week before moving to carboys for lagering. It tasted okay at this point though had a bit of a weird after taste which I hope will lager out.


Let it rise up to room temp to make sure everything is done. I normally do a D rest of a day or 2 at room temp. Then slowly lower it back down. If it does not drop the last final points at the higher temp it never will.