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Starter for dried lager yeast?

Started by Bazza, March 27, 2014, 02:36:39 pm

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I'm planning on doing a straightforward lager and storing it away in a corny in anticipation of the long hot dry BBQ-every-evening summer months.

I've a sachet of SafLager yeast in the fridge (nothing exciting, I know) but have noticed that the use by date is the end of January back there. It's probably okay as it's been kept in the fridge since bought ages ago. However, I'd rather be sure it was okay before pitching it into a hard-brewed batch and potentially ruining it. I read loads about it not being a good idea (as well as plain unnecessary) to make starters for dried yeast but, for the purposes of testing viability, am I okay to do this?



P.s. Please refrain from any 'ach why don't you go out and buy a decent fresh liquid lager yeast, you cheap sunnnovabitch' replies :)
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you cheap sunnnovabitch ;)

Saflager is not cheap!

if its dry inside and contents aren't compromised, I'm sure its fine, have another one to hand in a couple of days?

mr hoppy

If it were an ale yeast I'd say pitch away, it'll be fine - but bren's mauribrew aside I think the recommendation is to use 2 sachets of lager yeast. From recollection
S-23, can be a bit fruity as well.


Cheers for the comments, lads.

@Mr Happy. I've never had any issues pitching just 1 sachet into anything 22L or smaller. I know what you mean about the slightly fruity flavour, though.

@CH, I only make about 1 lager a year so if I buy another S-23 as a standby I could be posting this question again next year :)  If the yeast has gone bad I'll probably just brew an IPA or something.

Quote from: CH on March 27, 2014, 02:38:52 pm
you cheap sunnnovabitch ;)

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I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it.
― Groucho Marx


I'd never pitch one sachet of healthy yeast for a lager, a short dated one.... Certainly not, at least not to get a clean crisp lager.

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I used a saflager 34/70 for the Lager I brewed for the competition and made a starter with it first. €5.70 it cost so they are not cheap but you would need 2 packs if you pitch it dried. :)
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