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Stepping up a starter

Started by revel_and_chaff, April 21, 2017, 01:49:42 pm

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In preparation for a brew of OG 1.072 tomorrow I got a starter going yesterday morning. I pitched a purepack of WLP001 into a litre and a half of wort (1.034 - final runnings from an old brew which I froze and stored) before realising that the starter should be closer to 2 litres. So my question is about how I should go about adding the extra half litre of wort - should I wait for the krausen to die down before decanting the supernatant and add it then or can I just throw it in mid-fermentation i.e. now?

Any advice appreciated!
So revel and chaff as ye thirstily quaff, under six feet of dirt it's less easy to laugh!


I would throw it in now, the yeast is at its prime if a krausen is formed, it should make quick work of the extra wort.


So revel and chaff as ye thirstily quaff, under six feet of dirt it's less easy to laugh!


Is WLP001 a slow starter?
I am mentoring a local lad, a starter of WLP001 (in date by a week)  and there seems to be no activity.
I did a 1L/100g DME starter.
Probably a dead pack.
I sampled on Refractometer and its at 1.030 - I didn't check OG, so not sure if there this moved.


Fresh pack takes off like a rocket. If it's slow it will probably have stressed it's little head out trying to grow anyway, so I'd dump and use something else. Brewday is too much effort to waste in questionable yeast

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mr hoppy

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Quoteseems to be no activity.

After how long?

1l / 100g is 1038


Its a pain to grow starters without a way to measure live cell counts. Hope the fella has some US05 spare!
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Thanks for input.
Went with m44 in the end.