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Viable lacto (no brett) in widely available Irish beer

Started by simglynn, April 05, 2018, 07:21:43 pm

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Hi folks.

I want to brew myself a sour saison. Now before you say anything, I'm not interested in a sour mash, or kettle souring, but mixed fermentation. I have my main yeast (WY3726), my source of Brett (WLP Brett C) but the Homebrew Company are out of lacto. Is there any widely available Irish beers that would contain lacto and sacc but have not been pasturised? The idea is that I culture up a big lacto starter while the beer is in primary. Any suggestions or experiences with mixed fermentation are welcome.

mr hoppy


Dr Jacoby that's amazing! I was aware of people doing it the US but I wasn't sure about a tried and true brand here. I'll definitely pick up some of that.

Thanks Mr Hoppy, but I already ordered yesterday but they said they don't have it in their actual stores :(


You could just make a porridge out of crushed grain and leave it culture up the lacto in that? Bit risky but a Saison can put a ceiling on the impact of bugs.


I thought about that, but I think I'll go with a known culture of something, so I can keep it for future brews. Did consider it. But this probiotic number seems like a winner. I imagine you get probiotic beer then?  :D


You had me for a sec, then I remembered what date that was published  :)



This is a blog post I wrote about making a sour with saison yeast and might be helpful. I used the WYEAST 3724 and fermented it at up near 40c where the yeast is still quite happy but also the right area for the lacto. You'll have to measure your pH regularly and maybe hit it with a dose of hops to halt the souring process when you're happy with it and of course use very little IBU in the boil. Glenisk yogurt does a great job as well as the BioKult tabs.
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That sounds mighty. Will have to give that a go when I can push 40C comfortably. Never thought of the common temps