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Washed yeast - how long should I keep it for?

Started by Fal, December 20, 2016, 09:26:22 am

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I have some washed Vermont yeast from my last two brews. 1 in early nov and 1 in early dec. how long should I keep them before they need to be used up by?
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How are you storing it? Several months in the fridge is the general advice from the likes of beersmith, but I wouldn't go over 2-3 personally.  And I wouldn't use it more than 4/5 times or you run the risk of wild yeast / bacteria creeping in.


They are both in sealed jars in the fridge. I kept the first jar as backup in case on brew day I discovered the second jar was infected.
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Open them and if they smell fine then they should be OK to use. They are not that old.
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