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April 05, 2020, 03:19:12 pm


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Wyeast 1214 : how to clear?

Started by padraic_, May 04, 2017, 03:27:39 pm

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I've never used this yeast before. I read that it's supposed to have low to medium flocculation.

I'm going to pitch it this evening or tomorrow but I'm wondering how to clear the yeast it once it has done it's work.

Reading around a lot of people talk about cold crashing for a couple of days to encourage it to settle. That sounds fine but I don't have a fridge setup.

What can I do?



Can you sit your fermenter into a bigger container?

Freeze some bottles of water and sit the fermenter into an ice bath


I have a larger plastic box I can put the fermenter into for overflows,  not a load of space around it for ice though.


I have seen references to "an extended amount of conditioning time2 helping things but I don't know what this would practically mean - like an extra week, or number of weeks? Would there be a downside to this?


If you leave the bottles in the fridge they will clear eventually, but it may take weeks. The beer will only get better up tp a certain point, depending on style, when left to condition.

You could also use gelatin or isinglass as a fining agent. I use these in kegs, not sure how the process translates to bottles.
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