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February 24, 2020, 05:10:36 pm


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yeast freeze

Started by sittingbull, May 01, 2016, 01:53:33 pm

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Just wondering ,

I bought 500m of lager yeast in HBC and i have measured out in small amounts in small jars but im womdering can i put containers in to fridge or freezer, not much room fridge wife has it full of food but can put in freezer  :-\ :-\


Unfortunately you cant freeze standard yeast like that. The water in the cell will expand and burst the cell wall.
If you introduce glycerine into the yeast, this replaces the water and stops this.

A lad did it and explained it  here

but to answer your question, freezing yeast (without a lot of work) is not an viable option.

Leann ull

Under beer in the fridge it can last 3-4 weeks


thanks for that information lads
but the yeast is dry and would it still expand if i put it in the freezer as it has not being used and only put in voils to measure roughly 22gms for each brew as my braumeister is a 50 l and my ferm tanks are 60 l so I used to buy 2 11gms of safelager for each brew so buying a 500gms bag of yeast and splitting it up in to 20 22gms and store in a fridge or a freezer was the job. It said on the packet expiry date may 17th so do i leave it in the normal room tempt or fridge or freeze


Best bet would be to portion it out and vacuum pack them. Then store these in the fridge.
It's past its bb date in a few weeks. I'd try to use as much as possible soon but I don't have much experience with yeast past its expiry. Google viability of the dry strain to see how it'll impact your brews and adjust your pitch to compensate.


Get on to your local club and portion it out. Quick way to get rid of it and get some more fresh stuff in.
Get another 500g and part it out again. Fresh cheaper yeast. Simples.


Just checked my BrewCon mangrove Jacks yeast freebee:

BBE 03/2018 !

Dried yeast kept cool ( 2 - 6 C) will keep a LONG time.

Likewise liquid yeast in a vial is prolly good for 6 months but you WILL need to grow it up

Slants can be good for a year.

Domestic deep freeze (-20C) with the appropriate glycol treatment 12 months plus

LN2  with the appropriate glycol treatment - indefinite
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Thanks Will D,

I made a mistake with BBD its 17th may 2017 not as i posted may 17 so them little beauties are going straight  in to the fridge
and the wife will have to freeze more food . I have to say good value 500gms £85.00 per pack and you get twice as much yeast and more depending on the ratio of yeast for each brew