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Dungarvin Helvick Gold - What is the yeast?

Started by northernnick, July 30, 2017, 04:30:36 pm

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Never noticed it before (probably because I've ordered it in pubs where they have poured the bottle for me) but I bought some Helvick Gold the other day and noticed he yeast in it. As I was brewing a red ale, I threw in 450ml of kettle trub into the 50ml of yeast in the bottle and made a mini-starter over the last few days.

Just wondered if anyone knew what the yeast was? And is it the fermenting yeast of just one for conditioning and carbonation?

Anyways I've got enough for my next brew, would be lovely to know what type it is to complement a recipe for it for at all.

Cheers, N

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All dungarvin bottles are bottlen conditioned. Best guess I'd say Nottingham or O5. Nothing overly fancy.


So safe to say this is the same yeast for both fermentation and conditioning?

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Be careful with using a yeast from a bottle for a new batch. You can find that a separate strain is used for bottling as well. Old bottles or high abv yeast from bottles can be knackered and produce a lot of off flavours.


Won't even the case for this beer.
Nothing over fancy with a second yeast strain.
Not pasteurised so the primary yeast is still the only one.



If a microbrewery does not have a yeast lab, or any way of culturing up from vials, then their yeast options are limited to whatever dried yeast is available in 500g packets.

This really limits a lot of small breweries and it shows in the beer, whenever yeast character is called for. The cask ale micro scene in the U.K. is littered with breweries that make clean but bland cask ale


As all above have said,to the best of my knowledge they use dried yeast and so notty So4 or Us05 would be my guess. :-\
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Cool cheers guys..there's me thinking I was going to get "Chico" strain or something exotic. I actually used S-04 and S-05 on my last brews and would harvest the slurry of that anyway. So a bit more will do no harm in the fridge I suppose

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