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September 27, 2020, 02:13:24 pm


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yeast starters

Started by PCBrewer, August 25, 2015, 02:24:53 pm

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Doing my first lager in about 2 months. Do you do a 1l, then 4l step when making the starter? Also, do you usually cool and decant before pitching,as a 5L flask is big beast to get in the fridge :)
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Leann ull

In theory you can scale X 10
I normally keep it to X 5 with lager yeast
Also important to pitch cold not hot in spite of previous advice around here  :P and try and keep wort and yeast within 5 degrees to avoid thermal shock
I finish at 5l and pour off 4 after its settled some like Helles just don't and you need to pitch the lot, but 5l in a 20 batch is going to have a sig impact on overall beer


I finally seem to have gotten my stirplate to work, after changing the fan and adding a 12v motor controller. Its currently doing its work on a hefeweizen starter, I might need to buy a bigger flask as the two litre can bareyl contain the foam.


I spoke too soon, it's back to causing issues again.


I had huge problems with my stir plate until I switched to a stir bar without a pivot ring. For some reason the ring on the bar was just causing it to fly around the flask.


Ah that might be it, I'll get a flat one and try it out. Definitely cheaper than buying a ready made stir plate.