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Yorkshire Ale Yeast

Started by BrewBilly, August 09, 2014, 02:36:45 pm

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mr hoppy

WLP 037 - if you don't ferment too cool, and give it a little extra time on the yeast this is a nice yeast. Otherwise it's a bad, phenolic mess that will definitely pass for infected beer.


Quote from: Bubbles on December 21, 2014, 10:45:35 pm
Sorry to hear that lad. Never liked it, makes every batch taste like homebrew. Yeasty and harsh. I've nothing good to say about it apart from the fact that it floccs like a stone. Though some long term ageing does help the flavour a lot.

I actually primed the keg, which I think made it worse. I was hoping to crash cool  it and transfer to a new keg and leave the yeast behind. I assumed it was the taste of the yeast that was the problem. But if the yeast has dropped out as you say, then its probably not going to help. I wonder if pitching some healthy US05 with some sterile sugar would clean it up. If not I wonder would souring work. At the moment for me its undrinkable. Its absolutely nothing like a TTL, or any real style to be honest.


No don't do that. Despite appearances, there is probably still yeast in suspension, and it tastes like ass. I'd leave it a month or two. It will be drinkable, though not as polished as you might get with a liquid english ale yeast.


Landlord is a hard clone recipe to pull off, for the simple reason that the yeast strain, or a variant of it, is not commercially available. Like fullers or whitbread. Yeast is literally everything with these english bitters.


Fermented at 18 C. might have been too low. Its at the low end. But I was fermenting  4 beers in the same chamber, so it didn't get special treatment..


Might be a bit low alright. The english yeasts tend to like the warmer temperatures, else they start spitting out diacetyl and all sorts of stuff. I've got a us05 fermentation going on at the moment which is at near lager temps and it's doing great. Byt i digress..

The WLP002 is a really good all rounder for english ales. Would recommend for your next attempt.


So I decided not to dump this but crash cooled it and syphoned it through some filter cloth. Then forgot about it and also never labeled the keg. So I was drinking this last night, and was on the second glass before I figured out what I was drinking. Beer has turned around really well into a nice malty ale with bitter finish. The s04 taste was there lastnight slightly so I was seriously considering dry hopping with citra to mask it, but I'm drinking it again this evening and I dont really get it now. maybe I was getting the settled yeast with the first glasses. So, I'm pretty glad I stuck with it. I'd make this again but will only ever use s04 again as food for my other yeast :)