BrewCon 2016 News

The tickets are sold, the seats are full; Sat 23rd April is nearly here & it’s happening.


Doors open at 9.30am, kicking off with a welcome by Thomas Carroll, NHC President.


The day starts with Morning Session: Talks & Discussion

Brewing your Best – Bren Murphy

Water: Are you hard enough? – Peter Dudley

Malt Specifications & their impact on brewing – Rory Sheils

Pushing the Boundaries with Special Ingredients – Chip Walton, Chop & Brew


After a tasty lunch & a sample of beer, we start back up the Afternoon Session: Talks & Discussion

Pushing the Boundaries – Gordon Strong, BJCP

Understanding Fermentation & Conditioning to make better beer – Dr Gearoid Cahill, Alltech


A quick coffee break

Flavour Profiles – Dr Bill Simpson, Cara Technology

On the couch with Rossa O’Neill & Alex Lawes, Rye River & Whiplash


Then upstairs, for the BrewCon Cup judging, to the drinks reception.


For you to get even more out of it, here’s a chance to ask one of the speakers a question; the one you’ve been meaning to but just haven’t got around to:


Ask the ExpertWhat's your Question?


We are really looking forward to the day & to seeing you all there.

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