BrewCon 2019- Call for speakers

Homebrewers of Ireland!

Since 2015 BrewCon has strived to bring experts from across the globe, to share their knowledge and make us all better brewers. But we found that sometimes the knowledge in the audience was equally as informative as that on stage. So this year, we are trying something new…

Your BREWCON needs you!

Have you developed competition winning recipes that you won’t find in any book? Have you hacked your brewing equipment to improve your brew day? Have you built a local homebrew club into something great? Will you tell us all how you did it?

This is our call for papers! If you are interested in presenting to your fellow homebrewers at BrewCon 2019.

BrewCon 2019 will take place on Saturday 5th October 2019 in Rascals Brewing, Inchicore, Dublin 8. The allotted presentation time shall be approx 40 minutes (30 mins for the initial presentation, followed by 10 mins for Q&As).

  • All presentations shall focus on a topic relevant to homebrewing.
  • The allotted presentation time shall be 40 minutes (30mins for the initial presentation and 10mins for Q&As).
  • Individual products may be showcased, however the presenter need to declare as part of their submission if they have a financial interest in the specific product, or sale of said product.
  • Free conference registration shall provide equivalent access to paying delegates.
  • Presenters shall be selected based on subject relevance, subject originality and reputation of the speaker.

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