Equipment – Fermentation

Fermentation Equipment

We now have the beer in the fermenter and ready for fermentation and storage under controlled conditions.

Mesuring and Monitoring Fermentation:

To make great beer we need to control our fermentation time and temperature profile.

The beer and in particular lager needs periods of time when their temperature need to be above ambient and times when it needs to be below ambient.

  • Heating the Fermenter

The simplest way is to use a brew belt or heating pad

Local HB Shop

These can be used stand alone or with a STC-1000 type controller:

  • Cooling the Fermenter

This is more difficult!
In order to automate the cooling people use a fridge or a freezer.
These are connected to the affore mentioned STC-1000 controller.
Fit the fermenter with a brewbelt or the like then you have total control of your fermentation


Author: WillD

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