Beer Kit Reviews

Thinking of trying something new?

Beer Kits
Brupaks Brewer’s Choice, Premium Lager, by Garry
Brupaks Brewer’s Choice Ultimate, Traditional IPA, by LordEoin
Brupaks Brewer’s Choice Ultimate, Czech Pilsner, by LordEoin
Brupaks Brewer’s Choice Ultimate, Scottish 80 Shilling, by Garry

Coopers English Bitter, by LordEoin

Finlandia Premium Lager 1.5kg, by LordEoin

Bulldog Triple Tykes Special Export Ale 4kg, by Garry
Bulldog Triple Tykes Northern Export Ale 4kg, by Thomo
Bulldog Brews Pennine Peak Yorkshire Bitter 3.3 Kg Beer Kit, by DrowningManatee
Bulldog Brews Evil Dog Double IPA Kit, by Dunkel

Brewers Spring Pilsner Liquid Wort kit, by DrowningManatee

St. Peter’s Cream Stout 3kg, by Garry

Festival Razorback IPA 3.6kg, by Benji

The Craft Range Irish Stout, by LordEoin
The Craft Range IPA, by FishJam
The Craft Range Blonde Lager, by Chris
The Craft Range Citra American Pale Ale

Brewferm Mini-Keg starter kit, by Molc

Extract & All Grain Beer Kits
True Batch Brew AllGrain Porter (1gallon with equipment), by Brian
True Batch Brew AllGrain Pale Ale (1gallon with equipment), by Motorbikeman

HBC Full Extract Irish Stout, by DrowningManatee
HBC Full Extract American Pale Ale, by Damo
HBC Full Extract American Brown Ale, by Garry
HBC Full Extract Blonde Ale, by Chris
HBC Full Extract Irish red ale, by LordEoin

HBC All Grain Mash Kit Premium Pilsner, by Brenmurph
HBC All Grain Mash Kit Bavarian Hefeweizen, by Pob
HBC All Grain Mash Kit Irish Stout, by Irish_goat
HBC All Grain Mash Kit American Pale Ale, by Jacob
HBC All Grain Mash Kit Apollo IPA, by Partridge9

Brupaks Craftsman Extract, London Bitter (with 3kg LME), by Garry
Brupaks Allgrain Mashkit, London Bitter (with Pre Crushed Grain), by LordEoin
Brupaks Allgrain Mashkit, Irish Stout (with Pre Crushed Grain), by Delzep

GetErBrewed Creamy stout Extract Kit, by Molc

Cider Kits
Geterbrewed 20L Locally Sourced Cider Juice, by Tube
Prestige Powdered Apple Cider 23liter, by Damofto

The Craft Range Mixed Fruit Cider, by shiny
The Craft Range Raspberry & Lime Cider, by Jacob
The Craft Range Cherry Cider, by Rossa

The Craft Range Ice Cool Apple Cider, by Will_D

Wine Kits
Muntons 6 Bottle Country Wine Chardonnay, Pob
Muntons 6 Bottle Country Wine Elderberry, Damo
Muntons 6 Bottle Country Wine Strawberry, LordEoin
Muntons 6 Bottle Country Wine Elderflower, Will_D

Sadler’s Reserve Merlot/Shiraz 12 bottle kit with equipment, by LordEoin
Sadler’s Reserve House Red 30 bottle kit, by Shiny
Sadler’s Reserve Pinot Grigio 30 bottle kit, by Marcuspd
Sadler’s Reserve Pinot Grigio Rosé, 30 bottle kit, by Dodge
Sadler’s Reserve Sauvignon Blanc (white) 30 bottle kit, by Dunkel

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