Yeast – Liquid


Name Supplier Attenuation Flocculation Temp Range Alc Tolerence Alternative
WLP001 California Ale White Labs 73-80% Medium 20-23°C High 1056 American Ale / Safale US-05
WLP002 English Ale White Labs 63-70% Very High 18-20°C Medium 1968 London ESB Ale / Safale S-04
WLP003 German Ale II White Labs 73-80% Medium 18-21°C Medium 2575 PC Kolsch II
WLP004 Irish Ale White Labs 69-74% Medium-High 18-20°C Medium-High 1084 Irish Ale
WLP005 British Ale White Labs 67-74% High 18-21°C Medium 1187 Ringwood Ale
WLP006 Bedford British Ale White Labs 72-80% High 18-21°C Medium
WLP007 Dry English Ale White Labs 70-80% Medium-High 18-21°C Medium-High 1098 British Ale / Safale S-04
WLP008 East Coast Ale White Labs 70-75% Medium-Low 20-23°C Medium
WLP009 Australian Ale White Labs 70-75% High 18-21°C Medium
WLP011 European Ale White Labs 65-70% Medium 18-21°C Medium 1338 European Ale
WLP013 London Ale White Labs 67-75% Medium 19-22°C Medium 1028 London Ale
WLP017 Whitbread Ale White Labs 67-73% High 19-21°C Medium 1099 Whitbread Ale
WLP022 Essex Ale White Labs 71-76% Medium-High 19-21°C Medium
WLP023 Burton Ale White Labs 69-75% Medium 20-23°C Medium 1275 Thames Valley Ale
WLP025 Southwold Ale White Labs 68-75% Medium 19-21°C Medium 1335 British Ale II
WLP026 Premium Bitter Ale White Labs 70-75% Medium 19-21°C Medium
WLP028 Edinburgh Scottish Ale White Labs 70-75% Medium 18-21°C Medium-High 1728 Scottish Ale
WLP029 German Ale / Kölsch White Labs 72-78% Medium 18-20°C Medium
WLP033 Klassic Ale White Labs 66-74% Medium 19-21°C Medium
WLP036 Dusseldorf Alt White Labs 65-72% Medium 18-21°C Medium 1007 German Ale
WLP037 Yorkshire Square Ale White Labs 68-72% High 18-21°C Medium-High
WLP039 East Midlands Ale White Labs 73-82% Medium-High 19-21°C Medium
WLP041 Pacific Ale White Labs 65-70% High 18-21°C Medium
WLP051 California Ale V White Labs 70-75% Medium-High 19-21°C Medium-High 1272 American Ale II
WLP060 American Ale Blend White Labs 72-80% Medium 20-22°C Medium-High
WLP072 French Ale White Labs 68-75% Medium-High 17-23°C Medium
WLP080 Cream Ale Yeast Blend White Labs 75-80% Medium 18-21°C Medium-High
WLP085 English Ale White Labs 69-76% Medium-High 20-22°C Medium
WLP090 San Diego Super White Labs 76-83% Medium-High 18-20°C High
WLP099 Super High Gravity Ale White Labs >80% Medium 18-21°C Very High
1007 German Ale Wyeast 73-77% Low 13-20°C High WLP036 Dusseldorf Alt
1028 London Ale Wyeast 73-77% Medium–Low 15-22°C High WLP013 London Ale
1056 American Ale Wyeast 73-77% Medium–Low 15-22°C High WLP001 California Ale / Safale US-05
1084 Irish Ale Wyeast 71-75% Medium 16-22°C High WLP004 Irish Ale
1098 British Ale Wyeast 73-75% Medium 18-22°C High WLP007 Dry English Ale / Safale S-04
1099 Whitbread Ale Wyeast 68-72% Medium-High 18-24°C High WLP017 Whitbread Ale
1187 Ringwood Ale Wyeast 68-72% High 18-23°C High
1272 American Ale II Wyeast 72-76% Medium-High 15-22°C High WLP051 California Ale V
1275 Thames Valley Ale Wyeast 77% Low-Medium 16-22°C High WLP023 Burton Ale
1318 London Ale III Wyeast 71-75% High 18-23°C High
1332 Northwest Ale Wyeast 67-71% High 18-24°C High
1335 British Ale II Wyeast 73-76% High 17-24°C High
1450 Denny’s Favorite 50 Wyeast 74-76% Low 15-21°C High
1469 West Yorkshire Ale Wyeast 67-71% High 18-22°C High
1728 Scottish Ale Wyeast 69-73% High 13-24°C High WLP028 Edinburgh Scottish Ale
1968 London ESB Ale Wyeast 67-71% High 18-22°C High
2565 Kölsch Wyeast 73-77% Low 13-21°C High


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Belgian & Wheat Beers

Name Supplier Attenuation Flocculation Temp Range Alc Tolerence Alternative
WLP300 Hefeweizen Ale White Labs 72-76% Low 20-22°C Medium 3068 Weihenstephan Weizen
WLP320 American Hefeweizen Ale White Labs 70-75% Low 18-21°C Medium 1010 American Wheat
WLP351 Bavarian Weizen White Labs 73-77% Low 19-21°C Medium 3638 Bavarian Wheat
WLP380 Hefeweizen IV Ale White Labs 73-80% Low 19-21°C Medium 3333 German Wheat
WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale White Labs 74-78% Low to Medium 19-23°C Medium 3944 Belgian Witbier
WLP410 Belgian Wit II Ale White Labs 70-75% Low to Medium 19-23°C Medium
WLP500 Trappist Ale White Labs 75-80% Medium – Low 18-22°C High 1214 Belgian Abbey Ale
WLP510 Belgian Bastogne Ale White Labs 74-80% Medium 19-22°C High
WLP515 Antwerp Ale White Labs 73-80% Medium 19-21°C Medium
WLP530 Abbey Ale White Labs 75-80% Medium – High 19-22°C High 3787 Trappist High Gravity
WLP540 Abbey IV Ale White Labs 74-82% Medium 19-22°C High 1762 Belgian Abbey II
WLP545 Belgian Strong Ale White Labs 78-85% Medium 19-22°C High
WLP550 Belgian Ale White Labs 78-85% Medium 20-26°C Medium-High 3522 Belgian Ardennes
WLP565 Belgian Saison I White Labs 65-75% Medium 20-24°C Medium 3724 Belgian Saison
WLP566 Belgian Saison II White Labs 78-85% Medium 20-26°C Medium
WLP568 Belgian Saison Ale Blend White Labs 70-80% Medium 21-27°C Medium
WLP570 Belgian Golden Ale White Labs 73-78% Low 20-24°C High 1388 Belgian Strong Ale
WLP575 Belgian Style Ale Blend White Labs 74-80% Medium 20-24°C Medium-High
WLP585 Belgian Saison III White Labs 70-74% Low to Medium 20-24°C Medium
1010 American Wheat Wyeast 74-78% Low 14-23°C High WLP320 American Hefeweizen Ale
1214 Belgian Abbey Ale Wyeast 74-78% Medium – Low 20-24°C High WLP500 Trappist Ale
1388 Belgian Strong Ale Wyeast 74-78% Low 18-27°C High WLP570 Belgian Golden Ale
1762 Belgian Abbey II Wyeast 73-77% Medium 18-24°C High WLP540 Abbey IV Ale
3056 Bavarian Wheat Blend Wyeast 73-77% Medium 18-23°C High
3068 Weihenstephan Weizen Wyeast 73-77% Low 18-24°C High
3333 German Wheat Wyeast 70-76% High 17-24°C High WLP380 Hefeweizen IV Ale
3463 Forbidden Fruit Wyeast 72-76% Low 17-24°C High
3522 Belgian Ardennes Wyeast 72-76% High 18-24°C High WLP550 Belgian Ale
3638 Bavarian Wheat Wyeast 70-76% Low 18-24°C High WLP351 Bavarian Weizen
3711 French Saison Wyeast 73-83% Low 18-24°C High
3724 Belgian Saison Wyeast 76-80% Low 21-35°C High WLP565 Belgian Saison I
3787 Trappist High Gravity Wyeast 74-78% Medium 18-25°C High-Very High WLP530 Abbey Ale
3942 Belgian Wheat Wyeast 72-76% Medium 18-23°C High
3944 Belgian Witbier Wyeast 72-76% Medium 16-24°C High WLP400 Belgian Wit Ale


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Name Supplier Attenuation Flocculation Temp Range Alc Tolerence Alternative
WLP800 Pilsner Lager White Labs 72-77% Medium – High 10-13°C Medium 2001 Urquell Lager
WLP802 Czech Budejovice Lager White Labs 75-80% Medium 10-13°C Medium-High
WLP810 San Francisco Lager White Labs 65-70% High 14-18°C Medium 2112 California Lager
WLP815 Belgian Lager White Labs 72-78% Medium 10-12°C Medium-High
WLP820 Oktoberfest Märzen Lager White Labs 65-73% Medium 11-14°C High 2206 Bavarian Lager
WLP830 German Lager White Labs 74-79% Medium 10-13°C Medium 2124 Bohemian Lager / Saflager W-34/70
WLP833 German Bock Lager White Labs 70-76% Medium 9-13°C Medium-High 2487 Hella-Bock
WLP835 German Lager X White Labs 70-76% Medium 10-13°C Medium-High
WLP838 Southern German Lager White Labs 68-76% Medium – High 10-13°C Medium 2487 Hella-Bock
WLP840 American Lager White Labs 75-80% Medium 10-13°C Medium 2007 Pilsen Lager
WLP850 Copenhagen Lager White Labs 72-78% Medium 10-14°C Medium
WLP860 Munich Helles White Labs 68-72% Medium 9-11°C Medium
WLP862 Cry Havoc White Labs 66-70% Medium – Low 13-14°C Medium
WLP885 Zurich Lager White Labs 70-80% Medium 10-13°C Very High
WLP920 Old Bavarian Lager White Labs 66-73% Medium 10-13°C Medium-High 2247 European Lager
WLP925 HP Lager White Labs 73-82% Medium 17-20°C Medium
WLP940 Mexican Lager White Labs 70-78% Medium 10-13°C Medium
2000 Budvar Lager Wyeast 71-75% Medium – High 9-13°C High WLP802 Czech Budejovice Lager
2001 Urquell Lager Wyeast 72-76% Medium – High 9-13°C High WLP800 Pilsner Lager
2007 Pilsen Lager Wyeast 71-75% Medium 9-13°C High WLP840 American Lager
2035 American Lager Wyeast 73-77% Medium 9-14°C High WLP840 American Lager
2042 Danish Lager Wyeast 73-77% Low 8-13°C High WLP850 Copenhagen Lager
2112 California Lager Wyeast 67-71% High 14-20°C High WLP810 San Francisco Lager
2124 Bohemian Lager Wyeast 67-71% Medium – Low 8-22°C High WLP830 German Lager / Saflager W-34/70
2206 Bavarian Lager Wyeast 67-71% Medium – High 8-14°C High WLP820 Oktoberfest Märzen Lager
2278 Czech Pils Wyeast 70-74% Medium – High 10-14°C High
2308 Munich Lager Wyeast 70-74% Medium 9-13°C High WLP838 Southern German Lager
2633 Octoberfest Lager Blend Wyeast 70-74% Medium – Low 9-14°C High


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Brettanomyces & Bacteria

Name Supplier Attenuation Flocculation Temp Range Alc Tolerence Description
3278 Belgian Lambic Blend Wyeast 70-80% Variable 17-24°C Medium This blend contains yeast and bacteria cultures important to the production of spontaneously fermented beers of the Lambic region. Specific proportions of a Belgian style ale strain, a sherry strain, two Brettanomyces strains, a Lactobacillus culture, and a Pediococcus culture produce the desirable flavor components of these beers as they are brewed in West Flanders. Propagation of this culture is not recommended and will result in a change of the proportions of the individual components. This blend will produce a very dry beer due to the super-attenuative nature of the mixed cultures.
5112 Brettanomyces bruxellensis Wyeast 60-75% Medium 15-24°C Very High This strain of wild yeast was isolated from brewery cultures in the Brussels region of Belgium. It produces the classic “sweaty horse blanket” character of indigenous beers such as gueuze, lambics and sour browns and may form a pellicle in bottles or casks. The strain is generally used in conjunction with S. cerevisiae, as well as other wild yeast and lactic bacteria. At least 3-6 months aging is generally required for flavor to fully develop.
5335 Lactobacillus Wyeast N/A N/A 15-35°C High Lactic acid bacteria isolated from a Belgian brewery. This culture produces moderate levels of acidity and is commonly found in many types of beers including gueuze, lambics, sour brown ales and Berliner Weisse. It is always used in conjunction with S.cerevisiae and often with various wild yeast. Use in beers below 10 IBU is recommended due to the culture’s sensitivity to hop compounds.
5526 Brettanomyces lambicus Wyeast Very High Medium 15-24°C High This is a wild yeast strain isolated from Belgian lambic beers. It produces a pie cherry-like flavor and sourness along with distinct “Brett” character. A pellicle may form in bottles or casks. To produce the classic Belgian character, this strain works best in conjunction with other yeast and lactic bacteria. It generally requires 3-6 months of aging to fully develop flavor characteristics.
5733 Pediococcus Wyeast N/A N/A 15-35°C High Lactic acid bacteria used in the production of Belgian style beers where additional acidity is desirable. Often found in gueuze and other Belgian style beer. Acid production will increase with storage time. It may also cause “ropiness” and produce low levels of diacetyl with extended storage time.
WLP630 Berliner Weisse Blend White Labs 73-80% Medium 20-22°C Medium-High A blend of a traditional German Weizen yeast and Lactobacillus to create a subtle, tart, drinkable beer. Can take several months to develop tart character. Perfect for traditional Berliner Weisse.
WLP644 Brettanomyces bruxellensis Trois White Labs >85% Low 21-29°C Medium-High This Belgian strain, used traditionally for 100% Brettanomyces fermentations, produces a slightly tart beer with delicate characteristics of mango and pineapple. Can also be used to produce effervescence when bottle-conditioning.
WLP645 Brettanomyces claussenii White Labs N/A N/A N/A N/A Low intensity Brett character. Originally isolated from strong English stock beer, in the early 20th century. The Brett flavors produced are more subtle than WLP650 and WLP653. More aroma than flavor contribution. Fruity, pineapple like aroma. B. claussenii is closely related to B. anomalus.
WLP650 Brettanomyces bruxellensis White Labs N/A N/A N/A N/A Medium intensity Brett character. Classic strain used in secondary fermentation for Belgian style beers and lambics. One Trappist brewery uses this strain in secondary fermentation and bottling to produce their characteristic flavor.
WLP653 Brettanomyces lambicus White Labs N/A N/A N/A N/A High intensity Brett character. Defines the “Brett character”: Horsey, smoky and spicy flavors. As the name suggests, this strain is found most often in Lambic style beers, which are spontaneously fermented beers. Also found in Flanders and sour brown style beers.
WLP655 Belgian Sour Mix 1 White Labs N/A N/A N/A N/A A unique blend perfect for Belgian style beers. Includes Brettanomyces, Saccharomyces, and the bacterial strains Lactobacillus and Pediococcus.
WLP665 Flemish Ale Blend White Labs 80-85% Low to Medium 20-27°C Low-Medium Blended culture used to produce the classic beer styles of the West Flanders region of Belgium . A proprietary blend of Saccharomyces yeasts, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, and Pediococcus, this culture creates a more complex, dark stone fruit characteristic than WLP 655 Belgian Sour Mix.
WLP670 American Farmhouse Blend White Labs 75-82% Medium 20-22°C Medium-High Inspired by local American brewers crafting semi- traditional Belgian-style ales. This blend creates a complex flavor profile with a moderate level of sourness. It consists of a traditional farmhouse yeast strain and Brettanomyces. Great yeast for farmhouse ales, Saisons, and other Belgian-inspired beers.
WLP675 Malolactic Bacteria White Labs N/A N/A N/A N/A Malolactic fermentation is the conversion of malic acid to lactic acid by bacteria from the lactic acid bacteria family. Lactic acid is less acidic than malic acid, which in turn decreases acidity and helps to soften and/or round out some of the flavors in wine.
WLP677 Lactobacillus Bacteria White Labs N/A N/A N/A N/A This lactic acid bacteria produces moderate levels of acidity and sour flavors found in lambics, Berliner Weiss, sour brown ale and gueze.


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Name Supplier Attenuation Flocculation Temp Range Alc Tolerence Description
WLP700 Flor Sherry Yeast White Labs >80% N/A >21°C Very High This yeast develops a film (flor) on the surface of the wine. Creates green almond, granny smith and nougat characteristics found in sherry. Can also be used for Port, Madeira and other sweet styles. For use in secondary fermentation. Slow fermenter.
WLP705 Sake White Labs >80% N/A >21°C Very High For use in rice based fermentations. For sake, use this yeast in conjunction with koji (to produce fermentable sugar). WLP705 produces full body sake character, and subtle fragrance.
WLP707 Pinot Noir White Labs >80% N/A >21°C Very High Isolated from Pinot Noir grapes by White Labs in Davis, CA. This strain produces fruity and complex aromas, and is an ideal choice for hardy red wine varieties, as well as aromatic white wines such as Chardonnay. This strain is reliable for difficult fermentations.
WLP715 Champagne White Labs >80% Low 21-24°C Very High Classic yeast, used to produce champagne, cider, dry meads, dry wines, or to fully attenuate barley wines/ strong ales. Neutral.
WLP718 Avize Wine White Labs >80% Low 16-32°C Very High Champagne isolate used for complexity in whites. Contributes elegance, especially in barrel fermented Chardonnays.
WLP720 Sweet Mead / Wine White Labs <75% Low 21-24°C Very High A wine yeast strain that is less attenuative than WLP715, leaving some residual sweetness. Slightly fruity and will tolerate alcohol concentrations up to 15%. A good choice for sweet mead and cider, as well as Blush wines, Gewürztraminer, Sauternes, Riesling.
WLP727 Steinberg-Geisenheim Wine White Labs >80% Low 10-32°C Very High German in origin, this yeast has high fruit/ester production. Perfect for Riesling and Gewürztraminer. Moderate fermentation characteristics and cold tolerant.
WLP730 Chardonnay White Wine White Labs >80% Low 10-32°C Very High Dry wine yeast. Slight ester production, low sulfur dioxide production. Enhances varietal character. WLP730 is a good choice for all white and blush wines, including Chablis, Chenin Blanc, Semillon, and Sauvignon Blanc. Fermentation speed is moderate.
WLP735 French White Wine White Labs >80% Low 16-32°C Very High Classic yeast for white wine fermentation. Slow to moderate fermenter and foam producer. Gives an enhanced creamy texture.
WLP740 Merlot Red Wine White Labs >80% Low 16-32°C Very High Neutral, low fusel alcohol production. Will ferment to dryness, alcohol tolerance to 18%. Vigorous fermenter. WLP740 is well suited for Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet, Sauvignon Blanc, and Semillon.
WLP749 Assmanshausen Wine White Labs >80% Low 10-32°C Very High German red wine yeast, which results in spicy, fruit aromas. Perfect for Pinot Noir and Zinfandel. Slow to moderate fermenter which is cold tolerant.
WLP750 French Red Wine White Labs >80% Low 16-32°C Very High Classic Bordeaux yeast for red wine fermentations. Moderate fermentation characteristics. Tolerates lower fermentation temperatures. Rich, smooth flavor profile.
WLP760 Cabernet Red Wine White Labs >80% Low 16-32°C Very High High temperature tolerance. Moderate fermentation speed. Excellent for full-bodied red wines, ester production complements flavor. WLP760 is also suitable for Merlot, Chardonnay, Chianti, Chenin Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc.
WLP770 Suremain Burgundy Wine White Labs >80% Low 16-32°C Very High Emphasizes fruit aromas in barrel fermentations. High nutrient requirement to avoid volatile acidity production.
WLP775 English Cider White Labs >80% Medium 20-24°C Very High Classic cider yeast. Ferments dry, but retains flavor from apples. Sulfur is produced during fermentation, but will disappear in first two weeks of aging. Can also be used for wine and high gravity beers.

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