Yeast – Washing

Washing yeast is easy and rewarding. it’ll save you a load of money in the longrun as you don’t have to line the pockets of the big yeast making labs. It’ll also make you lots of new yeasty friends who’ll usually be happy to swap samples free of charge.

1   Rack your beer off the trub (discard the beer, we don’t need it for this)
2   Add a liter of boiled then cooled water and slosh up trub to get rid of lumps
3   Pour the diluted trub into a big sterile jar and let it settle
4   Pour the yeast into smaller jars (to the top), leaving the bottom layer of dirty gunk behind. label and date the jars!
5   Put the jars in the fridge. The yeast will settle out under beer colored water. When you want to use them, drain the clear liquid and step the yeast up.

The best way to learn is by trying. The next time you’re racking a beer and are about to tip the trub, just wash it for the laugh. You’ll get a bit more value for your money even if you don’t use the yeast and all it does it educate and entertain you.

Author: LordEoin

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