2017 National Brewing Championships results

BOS (Best of Show)
1st Adrian Crombie 25B: Saison Capital Brewers
2nd Kevin Geoghegan 15B: Irish Stout
3rd Colm Hassett 16B: Oatmeal Stout South Kildare Brewers
Best Brewer
Cronan McDonald Wee County Brewers
Gold Simple Vienna 7A: Vienna Lager
Gold LA3 Porter 13C: English Porter
Gold Cloudy IPA 21B: Specialty IPA
Silver 90 Stout 20B: American Stout
Bronze Hoppy Red 19A: American Amber Ale
1: Pilsner + Pale Lager
No Medals Awarded
2: Amber + Dark Lager
1st 7A: Vienna Lager Cronan McDonald Wee County Brewers
2nd 7A: Vienna Lager Anil Godinho Capital Bbrewers
3rd 7A: Vienna Lager Phil Smail North County Brewers
3: Hybrid Beer
1st 7B: Altbier Martin Rea Lee Valley Home Brewers
2nd 5B: Kolsch Adrian Crombie Capital Brewers
3rd 9C: Baltic Porter Seosamh O Conaire
4. Blond Ale
1st 12A: English Golden Ale Capital Brewers
2nd 12A: English Golden Ale Stuart Wilson Maiden City Brewers
3rd 1D: American Wheat Beer Dan McGee Wee County Brewers
5: German Wheat Beer
1st 10C: Weizenbock James Keane North County Brewers
2nd 10B: Dunkels Weissbier James Keane North County Brewers
3rd 10A: Weissbier James Keane North County Brewers
HM 10C: Weizenbock Declan Healy Kildare Brewers
6: British Ales
1st 11C: Strong Bitter Simon Finnegan North County Brewers
2nd 11B: Best Bitter David Walsh-Kemmis South Kildare Brewers
3rd 11C: Strong Bitter Eoin Layton Rebel Brewers
7: Scottish + Irish Ales
2nd 17C: Wee Heavy Tom Doyle Rebel Brewers
8: British Brown Beer
1st 13A: Dark Mild Adrian Naughton Capital Brewers
2nd 13B: English Brown Ale Damian Fahy Garden County Brewers
3rd 13A: Dark Mild Diarmuid Kavanagh Liffey Brewers
9: English Porter
1st 13C: English Porter Cronan McDonald Wee County Brewers
2nd 13C: English Porter Phil Smail North County Brewers
3rd 13C: English Porter Giacomo Rizzo Liffey Brewers
HM 13C: English Porter Jakub Scheibe North County Brewers
10: British Stout
1st 16B: Oatmeal Stout Colm Hassett South Kildare Brewers
2nd 16C: Tropical Stout Sebastian Kondol North County Brewers
3rd 16A: Sweet Stout Eoghan Ryan
11: Irish Stout
1st 15B: Irish Stout Kevin Geoghegan
2nd 15C: Irish Extra Stout Diarmuid Kavanagh Liffey Brewers
3rd 15B: Irish Stout Des Feeney Capital Brewers
HM 15B: Irish Stout Derek Foley Liffey Brewers
12: Export Stout
1st 20C: Imperial Stout Stephen Strange Belfast
2nd 16D: Foreign Extra Stout Mariusz Sokolowski South Kildare Homebrewers
3rd 20C: Imperial Stout Ciaran Doyle Belfast Homebrew Club
HM 20C: Imperial Stout Anil Godinho Capital Brewers
13: American Pale Ale
1st 18B: American Pale Ale Mick O’Toole South Kildare
2nd 18B: American Pale Ale Paul Buggy Garden County Brewers
3rd 18B: American Pale Ale Andy Flanagan Galway
HM 18B: American Pale Ale Stuart Duffy
14: American Amber + Brown Beer
1st 19A: American Amber Ale Colm Quinn North County Brewers
2nd 19C: American Brown Ale Manuel Diez Garrido Capital Brewers
3rd 19A: American Amber Ale Cronan McDonald Wee County Brewers
15: American Porter + Stout
1st 20B: American Stout Reuben Gray Midland Brewers
2nd 20B: American Stout Cronan McDonald Wee County Brewers
16: IPA
1st 21A: American IPA Mick O’Toole South Kildare
2nd 21A: American IPA Daniel Jordan South Dublin Brewers
3rd 21A: American IPA Ciaran Doyle Belfast Homebrew Club
HM 12C: English IPA Paul O’Raw Capital Brewers
17: Specialty IPA
1st 21B: Specialty IPA Cronan McDonald Wee County Brewers
2nd 21B: Specialty IPA Stephen Fagan Wee County Brewers
3rd 21B: Specialty IPA Des Feeney Capital Brewers
18: Strong American Ale
1st 22A: Double IPA Brendan Sewell Midlands Brewers
2nd 22A: Double IPA Slawomir Bujak Co-Brewer: Slavo & Mario Cooperation Brewing South Kildare Brewers
3rd 22C: American Barleywine Peter Town Wee Amateur Brewers
19: European Farmhouse Ale
1st 25B: Saison Adrian Crombie Capital Brewers
2nd 24C: Biere de Garde Stephen Strange Belfast
3rd 25B: Saison Patrick Hynes
20: Belgian Pale Ale
1st 25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale Peter Dudley Capital Brewers
2nd 24B: Belgian Pale Ale Andrew Behan Rebel Brewers
3rd 25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale Derek Foley Liffey Brewers
HM 25C: Belgian Golden Strong Ale Mark Lucey Liffey Brewers
21: Trappist Ale
1st 26C: Belgian Tripel Seosamh O Conaire
2nd 26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale Stephen Strange Belfast
3rd 26D: Belgian Dark Strong Ale Conor Maguire South Dublin Brewers
HM 26B: Belgian Dubbel Simon Finnegan North County Brewers
22: European Sour Ale
1st 23F: Fruit Lambic Simon Finnegan North County Brewers
2nd 23B: Flanders Red Ale Chris Todd Belfast Homebrewers
3rd 23D: Lambic Chris Lewis Glasgow Homebrewers
HM 23F: Fruit Lambic Garrett Geoghegan Liffey Brewers
23: American Wild Ale
1st 28C: Wild Specialty Beer Ciaran Cooney Capital Brewers
2nd 28A: Brett Beer Chris Lewis Glasgow Homebrewers
24: Spiced + Fruit Beer
1st 30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Mark Lucey Liffey Brewers
2nd 30A: Spice, Herb, or Vegetable Beer Brian Dempsey Liffey Brewers
3rd 29B: Fruit and Spice Beer Colin Bolton Garden County Brewers
25: Speciality Beer
1st 6B: Rauchbier Chris Lewis Glasgow Homebrewers
2nd 32B: Specialty Smoked Beer Anil Godinho Capital Brewers
3rd 33B: Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Jonathan Leech Capital Brewers
26: Cider + Mead
1st M2C: Berry Mead Dean Dunne Capital Brewers
2nd M4C: Experimental Mead Nigel Comerford North County Brewers
3rd C2B: Cider with Other Fruit Will Davis North County Brewers

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