Capital Brewers: Summer Session Competition

Capital Brewers announce ‘Summer Session Beers of <4%’ competition

“Summer in a glass.”


Light, refreshing, medium body, thirst quenching, balanced beer of low ABV (a lawnmower beer).

Something to enjoy on those two days of summer we get every year.

The competition will be held on Sat 15th August 2015.

Venue: W.J. Kavanagh’s, 4 & 5 Lower Dorset St, Dublin 1.

Prizes: tba

Cost €5 per entry.

Open to members of NHC or Beoir.

See here for more info.

Tips to brewing a low ABV beer:

– Be careful not to mash too low and end up with a very dry & light bodied beer.
– Use different malts to build body
– Be careful to balance hop bitterness with the lighter body.
– Attenuation of a beer like this is key so choose your yeast carefully

More details to follow but the format is going to be very similar to previous years.  One difference is going to be the amount of information that the judges get about the beer. I’m hoping that they will be provided with ABV, style and yeast used to allow them to judge the beer more effectively. This is important for beers that might be sub 3%,  beers with funky yeasts or speciality ingredients.

It is not a BJCP categorized competition so the tag line is ‘Summer Session Beers of <4%’.