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Started by tripmeup, May 12, 2020, 06:21:00 PM

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Probably asked already but here goes..On my 4th brew now and have to say that last 2 (one ale and one lager) were really good and I was very happy with them...I am learning as I go and adding and changing bits too...

I have used hops in the last 2 batches also. One usage was where I added a 12g Hop Bag to the fermenter after stable gravity and left it there until bottling time..Last time I added a hop bag to my boiling grains (Carapils and Colorado Crystal mixture)...all ok with those..

On my last stock order I blind ordered more Hops (I didn't really know what i would get ??? )

Now I have some grains soaking and am ready to boil so went to look at what Hops I had..I have (from Homebrew Co) hops called H.Hersbrucker 100g in vacuum packed foil (still unopened) which is rock hard..Do I just need to soak this or how can I use it in the brew??



halertauer hersbrucker is a nice hop for German lagers and English ales.
I'd add 15grams to the grain steep juice and boil for 15 minutes, and another 25grams dry hop.
That should give you a good feel for its flavor and aroma :)


Hey thanks a million for the reply..
So do I just break 15g off the pack contents and throw into saucepan with the grains??
Grains have been steeping for 2 nights now whilst I sorted this query.
Presume that is ok too?


May 13, 2020, 10:21:18 AM #3 Last Edit: May 13, 2020, 10:31:47 AM by pob
I'd be concerned that the 2 3* night steeped grains could have picked up some 'bugs' (natural yeasts, bacteria, etc). This is often part of a method used to create sour beers. Make sure there is nothing funky coming off the steeped grain before you go any further, you may have to dump them. 

As per Brandon Jones, Yazoo; Absolutely do not taste it, if it smells anyway off!! (Slightly over emphasised, but you don't want anything nasty in there)

Otherwise drain off the steeped liquid & make sure you fully boil it for a full 15 mins. It might be worth added 100ml extra water to counter any losses.

You could add the 15g of hops at the point it starts boiling and you could also add some more (10g?) once you've turned the heat off (flame out), this will give you more hop aroma; the hop oils (flavour & aroma) won't have too much time to evaporate off as you cool it down.

Then dry hop as above (25g?)

If you're not going to be using that hop again, split them 25g at flameout & 60g dry hopping; no point leaving 1/2 bag of hops opened, unless you can reseal & freeze them.

Best of luck.

* Realised it's probably 3 days/nights now.

Probably not worth using the steeped grains at this stage. Wouldn't be surprised if it's started naturally fermenting already.


So I decided to ditch the mix; not taking any chances :-X

Had 100g of Carapils left so added this to 400g of Colorado Crystal and bashed them up and added to 3 litres of warm water to steep for next 10 hours or so.

I will then boil this tonight for approx 30 mins and add 20g of hops (per Pob) for last 15 mins of boil....When cooling I will add another 25g as per Pob's recommendation re flameout...
Going to push all thru a sieve then into another saucepan and maybe add a third of my planned DME for easier mixing in..Then will add all to vessel for usual next steps...

Will then add some more of the hops when Final Gravity is achieved for dry hopping..Where is best to keep the Hops for the days between batch making day (Today) and Final Gravity date? Fridge or normal room temps?

Hope that all sounds ok... ;)


Your grains will only need to steep for about 30 mins total. Sieve our all the grains before boiling. You do not boil the grains.


Keep things simple

You only need to steep the grains at 60-70°C for 20-30 mins, no need for a 10 hour steep (possibly add astringency to it).

Steeping Grains for Extract Beer Brewing

Keep hops in either fridge or freezer until needed for dry hopping (let come up to room temp before using, 20 mins?)