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Brewing sugar...best before ?

Started by Ceedee, March 07, 2017, 01:01:08 PM

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Hi all,

Clearing out my long neglected homebrew kit recently in preparation for getting into it again and found a 1kg bag of "Vin Classe Homebrewing Sugar" with a best before date of April 2016.

Should I dump it, or would this still be ok to use? It's still sealed and is still free flowing and hasn't clumped. I would have thought it's ok to use but thought I'd check with the collective knowledge



I've some candi sugar from '14 or '15  ??? that I was planning on using soon. I can't really see a BBD being valid for sugar but I'm prepared to be corrected.


I'm thinking the BBD is only a legal/labelling thing. As the missus says, Best Before doesn't mean worse after  :D



Sugar doesn't really have a realistic bbd. 2 years shelf life is quite standard but not set in stone. BBD extensions beyond this is normal for sucrose/candi sugar/etc

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