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yeast nutrients

Started by wartotojas, August 04, 2017, 11:12:41 AM

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Hi everybody,

Trying to improve my beer quality and looking to start using yeast nutrients. What stuff do you guys use? (if use any) Seen some on THBC, HBW and Geterbrewed but am confused what suits beers, what suits wine, use it in a boil or use it during fermentation etc.

Any advice, or point me to good read.

I have temperature controlled fermentation and use dry yeast most of the time (re hydrate before use). Liquid yeast are in future plans when will be able to do starters.

Many thanks.


Stick a spoonful of any old crappy yeast you have lying about into the copper during boil. Although your all malt wort should already have enough nutrients for a happy ferment.


 your wort should be rich enough in nutrients without the need to add more...proper pitching rate and temperature control is much more important. If you are using a very high % adjunct you might need to use some


White Labs Servomyces is probably the best option for beer but its expensive enough. About €2 a brew.


Adding yeast nutrient can increase Ester formation during fermentation. Depending on the style/type of beer being brewed that can be favourable or not; e.g might not want it in a Lager but could be nice in a British Ale. Worth keeping in mind. The trub should have plenty of FAN present to keep the yeast in check.


I have a kg bag of dried brewers yeast and I just add 2 teaspoons of it to the boil.
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Thanks for your thoughts, looks like I will be grand without yeast nutrient.