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Do I NEED a herms set up?

Started by Mossy, August 24, 2020, 12:49:52 AM

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I have a three vessel all grain set up at the moment and I'm considering installing a herms coil in my HLT.
At the moment my mash tun generally keeps within a degree or two over an hour mash so having thought about it for the last while I'm struggling with what advantages the herms coil will give me.
Not having to do a vorlauf is one thing that could shave 10/15 mins off a brew day. Step mashing is another process I could try but is that really going to make better beer? I don't know.
If anyone can throw some wisdom my way I'd much appreciate it.


Look into a HERMS pot over installing coil in HLT.


Thanks that looks like an option alright but what I can't decide is if I really need a herms coil at all?


A wild poll appears... It's super helpful!

mr hoppy

Each to their own but personally I'd rather focus on things like cold side temperature control and oxidation.

I don't know that step mashing is that relevant to English and American styles. For continental styles you can step mash with infusions, or decoctions if you prefer. I find the tools in Beersmith work well enough.

German marshes can be quite thin e.g. 4 litre / kg vs 2.75 litre / kg for an Anglo mash. So it's not that difficult to get 2 or 3 steps in. I've mashed at 63-72-76: infusing for the first step and decocting for the second.

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For temperature changes the rule of thumb is 1 degree C per minute of a rise. A separate Herms pot with a smaller amount of water in it allows a better control of temperature instead of the whole volume of water in a HLT. Having a herms set up allows you to play around with temperatures if you want to promote different enzymes but its real function is efficiency.
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Thanks for the info. Just to be sure,the herms pot would also need a temp probe and PID?


Yep. Have a look at the electric brewery website. All the plans are there. If you want to go with the smaller HERMS pot send me a DM and i can send you on close up pics of setup questions you might have

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