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March 07, 2021, 09:38:05 AM


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Brewzilla 35ltr

Started by pointage33, October 18, 2020, 09:26:08 AM

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Hi Folks,

I was wondering if anyone with the Brewzilla 35l could help.
I have done a few brews with it so far and they turned out great with some minor issues.
When using the second bottom screen I can only put the pump on at a trickle. The last time I used it I ended up with a stuck mash. So I stopped using it but found after sparging there was a lot of debris got through.
Another issue is pre boil volume, is there a good volume to stick at to get a 23ltr batch?

I am fairly new to all grain and really enjoying it, any help would be greatly appreciated

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Slightly off topic, do you mind saying where you got the Brewzilla? I'm interested in getting one soon.



I pre ordered with Angel Homebrew really is a great machine and a great site with great communication. I would recomend this with great confidence. All i have are some minor issues that I am sure with the help from this forum and some experience I will get some fantastic brews!!

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October 20, 2020, 10:54:43 AM #3 Last Edit: October 20, 2020, 01:04:09 PM by leewalsh
Hey pointage,

I also got a Brewzilla 35L from angelhomebrew recenly, great service and machine (so far).

I haven't had any issues with the second bottom screen, although I am careful to make sure it is flat with the fixed bottom of the mash pipe. Otherwise I think you can get grain stuck between the two screens, leading to a stuck sparge. I have not used anything to force it flat yet, but may look at using some wire to pin the two together at some point, as the thin second screen has warped slightly.

I typically do smaller batch sizes so not sure about the pre-boil volume for a 23l batch, but if you have a look at The Home Brew Network YouTube channel he uses the brewzilla almost exclusively for similar batch sizes so should have the info there. I recall him mentioning a pre-boil of ~26l but you should find the info in his videos.


I don't use the fine filter on the bottom on mine. slows the flow through the grain too much. For the grain getting through I used to use a sieve & scoup out what I could & then run the pump through the sieve while coming up to the boil. I've since bought a BIAB bag which I put over the grain basket at the start & that stops anything getting through.
For the batch size I you'll probably want 28 to get 23L into the fermenter.


Guys many thanks for the info, some great tips which I will have a go at on my next brew. Want to get it perfected as I am going to try a NEIPA which is very likely to give me a stuck sparge

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Well I did a brew at the weekend and used the second screen. I took your advice and made sure both screens were flush with eachother and it worked a treat. Many thanks indeed!!

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Went and ordered a Brewzilla, will be using these tips on first brew day soon!


Hey guys,

I brew on a 20l Braumeister which has a similar screen setup.
I am in the habit of conditioning my malt before I brew.
Detail here

I had 'Wort Fountains' on the BM from premilled mashkits.
I believe this was down to the grist being milled a little too fine.

Happy brewing!


I bought one myself from BrewKegTap and certainly is a great piece of kit though I do find the overflow in the malt pipe a right PITA and I'm contemplating just doing away with it altogether.I must get a few more brews under my belt with as it is totally different to my old Burco and mashtun which I will use again for sure.Enjoy.