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Hydraulic fittings for the project

Started by tsoonamee, November 17, 2022, 07:43:53 PM

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Hi all.
I am thinking to help someone and create budget all grain kettle for mashing/boiling using only buffalo boiler ( some people call it burco boiler ). I would like to hear/see your opinion where I could go for any sort of fittings to do the neat liquid transport system from the bottom of the kettle. I looked in BnQ and couldn't make any setup from parts available. Ideally I would go braas/ stainless steel way to sustain the agressive cleaning. Maybe someone already completw such project in the past ? Where is your one stop shop for these litlle items in Ireand ?
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Don't have a burca, but know folks have used/converted them. I would look into the brew in a bag  (biab) method, as a good straight forward way of using the burca for mashing and kettle.
The homebrewcompany and geterbrewed would be a good start for its and pieces (to change the valve to stainless, however, the installed valve should be OK to handle the temps, but cleaning might be an issue. ) Ali express is great if you are not in a hurry.
But you can just get a bag and trial it. No need to go much further than that at this point. And a decent stirrer-something long enough and sturdy enough to stir the mash from the bottom of the bag would also be good.
Temp control during the mash is always the tricky thing. You can insulate using the flex wrap or similar which will help greatly. Adding heat during the mash can lead to scorching on the base of the burca. To avoid this, you'll need to keep the wort moving either by agitation (eg stirring) or effective recirculation ( eg with a pump). This adds more complexity. For now, would suggest just insulating - get the strike temp right. Give a stir after 15/20 minutes, and leave it as is. If you do want to add heat, then stir as you heat.
The only restriction will be volume.


If you're in Dublin flomax in Inchicore is good for fittings. In Cork I'd recommend Petrochem. Flomax also deliver.


Thank you for hints and advice. I assmebled hydraulics my from flomax and heat merchants parts. Have my ball lock valve installed. I am still awaiting pump. Reading some advice to place temperature probe.
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If you're recirculating, than I'd recommend installing a tee fitting before the valve, can out the probe in that and then should get a more accurate temperature, than just in the side of the burca. It also means one less hole being drilled in the burca.


That's the good one too. I wonder if we could pin and separate all these things to the diy'ers
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