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June 16, 2024, 07:44:44 PM


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Another Forum Newbie!!

Started by padre78, September 27, 2023, 02:41:41 PM

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Hi all!,

Glad to join up, based in Co Galway and have done a few kits over the past few years. Nothing major at all and very little straying from the script. Its normally around this time of year that i put one together and have it ready for the Christmtas period, kids get a kick out of Santa getting a bottle of daddys beer as well.

This year i am trying a Belgian Ale kit from Muntons which sounds good anyway. The instructions go along these lines....."When the gravity is below 1.014 syphon the beer into a sterilised fermenting bin leaving behind the yeast sediment. Add the spraymalt and then scoop half a cup of the yeast lees and pitch into the beer and stir gently. Close the fermenter and continue fermentation until ready to bottle."
So....i only have one fermenting bucket, do I need a second bucket or can I continue to ferment as normal but guessing i just wont get the same results?
Apologies if this is a really obvious, stupid question ☺️