Capital Brewers

Capital Brewers first team photo!

Last Thursday saw the first meeting of the Dublin City Homebrew Club, which has been renamed by its members as Capital Brewers. On the night, 14 of the city’s finest brewers met up to have a pint and discuss the start of something great. It was decided that the first group brew day will be on December 8th with the venue to be finalised in the coming weeks. The plan for the first brew day is to run one brew and have a bit of a chat about homebrewing. Everyone is welcome so please add the date to your diaries. Alternatively, you can sign up to the NHC calendar and you can get automatic updates to your phone, Google calendar or Outlook.

On the night lots of ideas were spinning around the room and there was a great positive attitude towards the club and what it can achieve. The first brew day will hopefully consist of 3 brews; one kit, one extract batch and one all grain batch. The plan is to brew the same beer using all three methods and to demonstrate the different brewing methods, resulting in an interesting side by side tasting a few weeks later.

The general consensus at the meeting was that hopefully in a few months when the club has established itself that there will be a monthly brew day, preferably doing multiple brews and to also have a social night where the quality of the team efforts can be gauged. The club will hopefully evolve to include talks and more focus on the education of both our own members and the general public, from beginner level to more advanced techniques.

Once again Capital Brewers welcome anyone who is interested in coming along regardless of your level of experience.  Please feel free to contact Padraic on the forum or send a tweet to @capitalbrewers.

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