Club Profile: Capital Brewers






Padraic Ó Conghaile [Padraic] Shane Phelan [Shiny]

Twitter: @CapitalBrewers

Approximate size: 25 members

Calendar: Keep an eye on the capital brewers forum, it changes from month to month

About Capital Brewers

The inaugural capital brewers meet was on November 8th 2012 in W.J. Kavanagh’s on Dorset street in Dublin city centre. The club’s central location and proximity to travel links means that it is often easier for members on the outskirts of the city to attend the monthly meets so it is by no means limited to people in central Dublin, everyone is welcome! Kavanagh’s is a sister pub of the famous L. Mulligan Grocer run by Seáneen & Colin who also have begun brewing commercially with the Brown Paper Bag project. The club is represented nationally by Padraic Ó Conghaile and Shane Phelan who mainly serve as a contact to point you in the right direction if you are new to the club or forum. Padraic maintains the @CapitalBrewers twitter account with plenty of recent activity under the #barrelproject hashtag.


TOG brewday
One of the fist brewdays in winter with Rossa and James divulging brewing information.

Capital brewers prides itself on its group brewdays which it holds on a monthly basis in the nearby TOG hackerspace. TOG is a shared space where members can have a place to be creative and work on their projects in an environment that is both inspiring and supportive of both new and old technologies. This environment and way of thinking has as large overlap with home brewing due to the amount of DIY work brewers carry out on their equipment on a frequent basis. There is a very relaxed approach to the brew days with one or two beers brewed on the day and tastings of previously brewed beers amongst beers brought by the attendee’s. In addition to the brewing there are also specialist talks given on a range of brewing related topics from hacking kits to more advanced techniques such as kettle modifications and yeast propagation. Attendance to the brew days is completely free although we usually give a small donation to TOG for the use of their facilities and electricity.


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