Club Profile: Rebel Brewers

Only in its infancy, we meet monthly for tastings in the Franciscan Well, which also serves as the meeting place for the Lee Valley Brewing Club.

Billy Naughton  (taf)
John Mangan (johnrm)

Approximate size
10 members

Monthly meetings with dates and detail posted in the Rebel Brewers board and in the Calendar

The Crew
Hailing from the largest county in Ireland, the Rebel Brewers is a bit of a rag-tag crew from far and wide in Cork city and County.  Established in Dec 2012  the Rebels have a few extremists, from serious HopHeads to lovers of Lambics. All level of experience is accommodated and encouraged, we have a few resident expert kit-hackers who are keeping the BeerJudges guessing!

Club Reps are Billy (taf) and John (johnrm) who steward and organise this newly formed club.

The Haunt
The Franciscan Well on the North Mall, Cork is consistently a go-to watering hole in Cork, renowned for its contribution and commitment to the Craft Beer Revolution and so a very fitting place for the Rebels to meet and share banter, ideas and brews.