Beer of the Week – Miner’s Red Ale Review by BrewCity

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This weeks beer review comes from NHC member BrewCity.


Miner’s Red Ale is made by Muckish Mountain Brewery in Donegal and the 330ml bottle was purchased at Bradley’s off-licence in Cork. From the label: “Our easy drinking Miner’s Red Ale has a warm reddish hue thanks to the Dark Crystal malt which gives a rich caramel flavour and subtle nutty aroma. The extra soft fruity aroma comes from the American Centennial hops, which also give a full bodied flavour that easily compliments the rich malty character of the beer. The result is a beer that’s not too bitter or too sweet and who partners well with lots of food, especially Irish stew”.

The claim of being “not too bitter or too sweet” is certainly true as this is a well-balanced beer with a sweet malty flavour and bitter, hoppy aftertaste. It has a medium body, low head, and is not over-carbonated. It has a nice clear red colour, perfect for the style. I detected a slight chlorophenolic aroma, possibly caused by the use of chlorinated water (homebrewers can remove the chlorine from tap water using carbon filters or by using 1 campden tablet per 20l). The label claims the beer has a “nutty aroma” and “soft fruity aroma”. Although I can detect a soft fruity aroma, I would say there is a slight nutty aftertaste, but not a nutty aroma. All in all, a nice mild red ale with low hop aroma and sweet maltiness.


BrewCity also suggests the following recipe as a possible homebrew clone:

3kg Maris Otter (5 EBC)
350g Dark Crystal Malt (236 EBC)
500g Caramel Wheat Malt (90 EBC)
15g East Kent Goldings (5%) 60 min
15g East Kent Goldings (5%) 30 min
10g Centennial (10%) 15 min
20g Centennial (10%) 5 min
Irish Ale Yeast (White Labs #WLP004)

Volume: 20l, 28 EBC, 27 IBUs, 4.3% ABV


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