Beer of the Week – Rebel Red Review by Greg2013

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Dropped into Merry’s in Dungarvan, Co.Waterford earlier today. They had this on tap and as I was only staying for the one I decided to sample it. Please bear in mind this is from a complete novice point of view, these are only my opinions on this beer.
First off colour wise I found this more of an amber colour with a dash of red thrown in. Carbonation wise it had very low carbonation, on a scale of 1-5 I would say a 1.50 on the carbonation. That being said IMHO this is exactly correct for this beer, any more and it would lose a lot of its character.The head was thin but uniform(about half finger), very creamy slightly capuccino colour.

On the nose from the glass I got definite floral notes,very prominent,very slight bitterness on the nose,however although I did pick up a sweetness I can’t say that I detected any of the caramel notes from the glass.

Once I took a drink however bang got a big whack of the dark fruits,straight away I thought ‘plums’ followed by ‘nectarines’ and on the tail end I picked up definite caramel notes. I picked up very slight malt notes on the back end of the swallow, however I did not detect any of the biscuit. Bitterness was very subtle which suited me perfectly.

Body wise it was quite thin but again I believe that this suited the beer along with the low carbonation. Made for a very sessionable beer that goes down smooth and won’t make you suffer later on. Lacing was excellent and although I thought it had a thin head it maintained it consistently throughout which to me is more important.

All in all a very well rounded brew I though and certainly one I would actively look for again. Good introductory beer for those like me just breaking into craft beers and hops etc. The ingredients can be seen in the last picture and this was 5.05 euro a pint. Well done to Fransiscan Well Brewery on this fine beverage.

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