Club Profile: Limerick Homebrew Club

Founding Members:

Chris (CrsZoo), Mark (Loftybush), Brett (Brettdundee), Adrian (Adrainok) and Martin (Sammy7p)

Approximate size: Small but growing

Calendar: Meeting dates posted in the Limerick Brewers Forum and in the Calendar it changes from month to month

About The Limerick Homebrew Club

The Limerick Homebrew Club is one of the newest branches of the National Homebrew Club. The inaugural meeting took place on the 16thof May 2013 at the Blind Pig, Thomas Street, Limerick. We had a diverse attendance and it was a good turn out for the first meeting. We have members involved in everything from starters on their first kits to full all grain. We have brewers with a wide range of experience and knowledge, from beginners, brewing their first or second kit through to seasoned 20 year veterans. Our members brew using basic kits, extract and all grain beers, and some brew ciders and wines.  We also have a prolific grower of hops in our midst.  All of our brewers – regardless of experience – are constantly trying out new recipes, and are learning new skills and techniques.  The meetings are a great chance to meet up and share our experiences (good and bad), ask lots of questions and have fun sampling some homebrew.

The Club is open to anyone that wants to come along and we will only be delighted to see new faces, you can join in or just watch from a distance. If your thinking of starting homebrewing it is a great place to get advice and support and to try a few homebrew beers and get an idea of the kind of quality you can attain.

The Venue: The Blind Pig, Thomas Street, Limerick.

We are very lucky with the venue. The Blind Pig has been at the forefront of bringing craft beer to Limerick it now has a great selection of Irish and International Craft Beers on draft and in bottles including, offerings from the Fransiscan Well and Trouble Brewing on tap. Niall the proprietor is very accommodating and is delighted to see us there. An added bonus is that the Blind Pig recently tapped their first cask. Niall has also offered to host hombrew demonstrations and brew days in the future.


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