Club Profile: North County Brewers

A brew club for Gentlemen


Will Davis (Will_D)
Jacob (Jacob)


Approximate size: 12 members and growing

Calendar: We try to meet on the second Tuesday of the month in the Forty Four in Swords.

Our meets are available here and also published to the NHC Calendar, this is cross linked to Twitter.

About the North County Brewers

The NCB was formed by two of the earliest founder members of the NHC (Will and Partidge_9 (aka James and currently “Mr President of the NHC”), and is one of the NHC’s original homebrew clubs. Founded around November 2012, the first meeting was held in the Old Boro in Swords on December 11th of the same year.

Meetings are ususally held monthly (on the 2nd Tuesday) in the Forty Four.

It isn’t necessary to bring homebrew, but if you do you will get feedback.

Meets are now typically attended by 10 or so homebrewers and often guests from the other regional groups. The meetings are open to everyone, and free to attend.


The North County Brewers were instigational in obtaining the casks for the National Barrel Project, and have filled their whiskey cask for the first time on June 8th 2013 with 200 litres of 9% abv Russian Imperial Stout from the 9 participating brewers.

The NCB members have demonstrated some superb results in the local and national brewing competitions to date:

2 Golds
3 Silvers
2 Bronze


Travel Info

Swords is readily accessible by Bus from Dublin City Centre, from the Airport (convenient for our international members and the ones who still have their helicopters) and from Malahide Dart station there is a frequent (airport) bus service to Swords.


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